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LogicMonitor evolved out of the unique monitoring needs of datacenters.

LogicMonitor finds, intelligently queries, and begins monitoring virtually any datacenter device. If you have a device in your datacenter that is not immediately found and monitored, our professional services will investigate how to add it.

Different from other systems, LogicMonitor stands out from the crowd:

  • It monitors more devices and provides more valuable metrics per device, greatly aiding in problem resolution and problem prevention.
  • It is easy to use. No extensive configuration is needed to thoroughly monitor your technology stack.
  • It offers incredible flexibility, allowing you to attach specific tests to groups, hosts, or even specific instances. You group your hosts your way and set alerting thresholds anywhere from the global to the instance level.
  • It gives you the power. Discovery supports flexible filtering and can easily clone datasources.  You can easily adapt your monitoring  configuration to filter out staging systems or apply different alerting rules based on type.

There are numerous reasons why LogicMonitor is the best system for monitoring datacenters, but its flexibility also lends itself to being a great solution for internal IT operations, too. If you want powerful insight and highly configurable alerting, LogicMonitor is your monitoring solution.

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